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Employee Drug Testing Services - Norcross Ga

We know that workplace drug testing for employees working at companies in Norcross, Ga is an important part of today's workplace compliance and we are here to help you through it. Our mobile drug testing services are efficient, convenient and cost effective. We come to your location in Norcross, Ga, and we're available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mobile drug testing means that instead of an employee losing 2+ hours of productivity by going to an offsite facility to be tested, we come to you and each employee is tested in an average of 10 minutes, saving your company time and money!

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Norcross, Ga Mobile Drug Testing Services

We meet your drug testing needs discreetly at your location, which can be...

  • a job site
  • a construction site
  • an airport
  • rail yard
  • school
  • church
  • gas station
  • and more

These days, employee drug testing is as important during the pre-employment process as it is while the employee is working for you. There's no doubt that drug testing in places of employment has become an important safety issue.

Who In Norcross, Ga Can Use Our Mobile Drug Testing Services?

  • Business owners testing for pre-employment
  • Business owners testing post-accident
  • Random drug testing at workplace
  • Business owners who have reasonable suspicion or return to duty
  • HR directors planning a job fair
  • Contractors needing a test for entrance to a jobsite
  • Parents wanting the best for your children
  • Individuals meeting the requirements of probation programs or drug courts
  • Agents needing a reliable third party to provide drug and alcohol testing for your client

If you have any questions about our mobile drug testing services in Norcross, Ga, call us at 678-804-7225 or email us today.

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