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drug and alcohol policies in the workplace

Drug & Alcohol Policies in the workplace


Today we are seeing a variety of policies in the corporate world ranging from a 1 page document to a paragraph within an employee handbook to fill in the blank policies to in depth policies in excess of 20 pages. So how do you sort through this as an H/R Professional or Business Owner?

First, you should identify what your company goals are in relation to implementing or maintaining a drug free workplace.

Second, you should locate resources in your area who can help you maneuver the complicated world of drug testing and compliance.

Third, you should educate yourself before implementing a new program or revising the existing plan.

Here are a few tidbits to review:

  • What type of drug testing will you perform?
  • Will you conduct random testing? *Random is true deterrent and provides value
  • Does your state offer any discounts for being drug free? *Georgia offers 7.5% discount on Workers Compensation premium once certified!
  • Will you require contractors, vendors, visitors and other non-employees to be included in your policy?
  • What will you do when you have a postive test?
  • Are you subject to DOT regulations?
  • Do you receive Federal Funding of 100k?
  • Are you employing a third party administrator?
  • How are you going to manage the quality of your program?
  • Do you have access to resources for those employees who need help with addiction?
  • How do you plan to educate your employees/supervisors on this program?

This list can go on and on for a good bit but the bottom line is you need to work with a reputable company who can help you navigate the complicated world of Drug/Alcohol Testing, Training and Compliance. Your company is ultimately responsible for compliance with DOT Regulations and ultimately responsible for the policies it puts in place. You need to make sure you are being fair, not singling out employees, not discriminating against people with medical issues and so on.

Recently Dura Automotive reached a settlement with the EEOC for a whopping $750,000.00 for mismanaging their Drug Free Workplace Program. Dont let this happen to your company. USAMDT is a professional collection and compliance firm located here in Norcross, GA. We focus on helping companies of all sizes set up and maintain compliance of a drug free workplace. Whether you have a DOT regulated company, a company with a high workers comp rate looking for a reduction, a large organization looking to rollout a new random program or a company that just needs a review of their 10 year old policy, we can help! For an in depth consultation, please call 678-804-7515.

Remember, the presence and effects of drugs and alcohol in a workplace can prevent a company from reaching its highest potential and without a well written formal policy in place you are lacking the nuts and bolts required to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employees, trades people, and the general public.

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