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Why test for Reasonable Suspicion!


Why is Reasonable Suspicion important? It is important because your business can be at risk any time an employee comes to work under the influence of drugs and or alcohol!

Should I document my suspicions? Absolutely! If you dont document it, it didnt happen! You should always have supervisors available who are trained to document the signs and symptoms associated with the suspicion and you should have another supervisor to validate this as well.

Do people really come to work drunk? Yes, they do! It may be suprising to some but people do go to work drunk and in some cases, really drunk. We had a client call us out at 1am (night shift) to test an employee. This person recorded a dangerously high BAC which some may say borders on the level of alcohol toxicity and is clearly above the legal driving limit here in Georgia.

Check out the picture above that shows how the employee blew a .378 on an Evidential Breath Testing Device. Now, how would you like to work on a machine next to this person? Or how safe was it for him/her to drive to work in this condition? Do you have a formal written policy that explains what to do if a persons test is over the legal driving limit? Do you get them a cab? Do you call a relative?

If you are not conducting Reasonable Suspicion Tests in your workplace, you are leaving your business at risk! Also note, that you need to be testing on all shifts especially if you run 24/7. Accidents can happen at any time on any shift and it may be your most trusted employee who is the cause.

Need to train your Supervisors? Call USAMDT today (678-804-7515) to set up an online or onsite training for your supervisors. We train both DOT regulated companies as well as non DOT.

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