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Why Should You Consider Using A Mobile Drug Testing Service?


Each week I come across people who didnt know MOBILE DRUG TESTING was available. Some that think MOBILE DRUG TESTING is expensive. And others who just dont see the value in MOBILE DRUG TESTING. So I figured this is a great topic to write about!

ROI-Return on Investment is something every business is concerned with in this day and age so why not take a look at your Drug Testing Program? Here are a few simple examples:

  • You have a company with 5 locations full of 100 DOT regulated drivers. Each quarter you must conduct random testing. This means about 12-15 drivers are going to be tested each quarter for drugs or alcohol and they could be spread accross multiple sites. So instead of sending a supervisor to collect all the drivers and transport them to the clinic (1 supervisor, 12-15 drivers) all off the clock for a minimum of 2 hours. This equals time, money and impacts productivity. MOBILE DRUG TESTING is a SOLUTION for this chaos. You schedule a collection at the various sites, each collection takes about 10 minutes and your drivers are back to work. Simple, easy, cost effective!
  • You are an Human Resource Professional and you are hiring for a new facility. You need to screen 35 applicants after you make an offer at a job fair. Instead of sending them to the clinic and wondering what they do on their way to the clinic, you can hire an MOBILE COLLECTOR to come onsite during your job fair and screen all applicants post offer. The time saved in this scenario is huge in your new employee screening process especially when dealing with a large group! Simple, easy, cost effective!
  • You are in the construction industry and you just won a bid to work on a new building for XYZ company, school, etc. You see in the contract that you must have a current drug screen for all your workers before they go onsite. Your guys leave at 7am in the morning before the clinic opens. A MOBILE COLLECTOR is ideal for this situation as they can meet you at your shop before the guys take off or they can screen your guys onsite at your construction trailer. Simple, easy, cost effective!
  • Your company runs 24 hours a day and you need to manage your random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing around the clock. In order to manage these testing types correctly you must have a plan in place that allows you to test during all the working hours available. A MOBILE COLLECTOR is again the solution. You can schedule your randoms for each shift or as one shift ends and another begins (overlap) and you have a partner ON-CALL for those immediate need situations that you cant predict. I hear horror stories all the time of companies who talk to me on a Monday because they had an employee smelling like alcohol on Saturday but the clinic was closed and either they didnt know what to do or they went to a hospital that did not conduct breath tests. When alcohol is involved immediate testing is important so this is a prime example of why having a MOBILE COLLECTION Partner is important!
  • You run a seasonal business (life guards services) and you need to get all of your diverse workforce screened before the pools you service open. You have college students, high school students and various other applicants and you can only test them on Sundays from 1-4pm the 2 weeks before the pools open. How are you going to manage this? You enlist the help of a MOBILE COLLECTOR who can accomodate your special situation! Simple, easy, cost effective!

Above is just a few scenarios that come to mind however there are MANY, MANY more. When you hire a Professional Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing Firm (like USAMDT) you are getting just that..PROFESSIONALS. All they do is focus on collections making sure the specimen integrity and donor privacy is handled in accordance with Company, State and Federal Regulations. This is important as it protects the liability of your company by partnering with professionals. Professional collectors should have current logs for their devices, they should have current training documents, they should have non expired equipment for breath machines and testing devices, and they should be able to document any of this when questioned by a current or prospective client. On the flip side of this, if you are a DOT regulated company is the girl at the clinic going to understand what documents you are going to need for your next audit? Is the clinic going to know if you accident requires a DOT 5 part Federal form for post-accident or is it a Non-DOT test? Nothing against a clinic but a clinic normally provides other services such as workers comp claims, x-rays, TB shots and other wellness practices making them an accessible solution but not a one stop shop for all your drug and alcohol collection and compliance needs! I hope this article has given you food for thought but if you ever have a specific scenario or question for us, give us a call at 678-804-7515!

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