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substance abuse training tips

Substance Abuse Training Tips


In Georgia, there is a requirement for TRAINING your SUPERVISORS and EMPLOYEES if you are a CERTIFIED DRUG FREE WORKPLACE. It is also a FEDERAL requirement for the Department of Transportation to educate your employees as well as TRAIN your SUPERVISORS. And of course it just makes sense that you train your employees and supervisors if you have any type of unregulated policy regarding substance use in a workplace!

Now there are many options available for companies to choose. Below is a highlight and a few notes about each:

Newsletters: We see those who passify the requirements by sending out newsletters to employees which may meet GA state requirements but does it make sense for your Drug Free Workplace Program? Are your employees and supervisors really reading them? Are they retaining information? If they have questions, who do they ask?

Online/Web: We see online class options which are great for those who have limited availability to a computer during the day who can maybe take the training after hours from the convenience of their home. This is a good option when their is some knowledge check at the end to ensure that the person grasps some knowledge.

Webinar/Lunch nLearns: These are a great tool that we use as they are cost effective and open to multiple organizations. They provide great Q/A sessions that bring to life several real life scenarios that multiple companies can learn from. The brown bag and learn atmosphere is definately popular for us.

Onsite/In person Sessions: When planned for Supervisors this is a great opportunity for policy overview, reasonable suspicion documentation and of course class participation which can include demonstrations. We find this to be the most effective method of training as a good trainer commands the room and engages the audience. We see the most absorbing of material when held onsite/in person. This also works out well for clients when they can schedule a group early in the morning or during a lunch time or when they are doing annual trainings for other topics they can include this as a breakout session.

No matter what method you choose, training is super important to the success of your Drug Free Workplace Program. We encourage a multi-pronged appoach with our clients. We offer monthly newsletters for Supervisors review, current blogs for employees and supervisors to stay current, we hold monthly webinars during lunch for those interested and we offer exciting onsite trainings that are customized to meet the needs of our clients. Remember supervisors are normally trained to measure workforce productivity, budgets and other important business functions but most miss the boat when it comes to current drugs of abuse, signs and symptoms associated and the overall t/cs relating to their company policy. Ongoing training is great for morale and will act as a deterrent within your program.

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