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random drug testing 101

Random Drug Testing 101


Incoming Call: New client says I want to randomly test my 3 of my employees that have poor attendance.

Me: Okay, we can definitely assist you, BUT and there is a big cant randomly test employees with poor attendance because that is NOT RANDOM!

DEAD Air on the phone..I guess that means I should clarify what random testing is, why it is so important and how to effectively manage a Random Pool!

What is Random Testing? Random Testing is performed on an unannounced, unpredictable basis on employees whos identifying information (ie social or employee #) has been placed in a testing pool from which a scientifically arbitrary selection is made. This selection is normally computer generated to ensure that it is indeed random and that each person of the workforce population has an equal chance of being selected for testing, regardless of whether that person was recently tested or not.

Q-Can I pull a name out of hat to choose my randoms? NO!

Q-Can I roll the dice to choose my randoms? NO!

Q-Can I just pick the 3 people who I really think are using, they havent been tested in a while? NO!

Why is Random Testing So Important? Random Testing is so important because it serves as a deterrent! Knowing a test is possible will discourage light users from indulging and forces heavy users to change jobs or change their habits! The cost of NOT testing is much higher than the cost of testing. Random Testing can easily be budgeted and is justified by the ROI.

How do you effectively manage your Random Pool? You plan, you stay consistent, you follow your written policy, you set the precedence with your employees that you Trust but also Verify! When your Random Pool is managed correctly (unannounced, unpredictable basis, etc) you are in control. You control when the test is done. You choose if it is done *on-site (highly recommended). You choose what percentage of your company is selected each pool selection. You choose the frequency.

*On-site testing allows for prompt and cost effective testing vs. sending to a clinic (ie wait time at clinic, transport time to clinic, limits liability & exposure while traveling to/from clinic, reduces ability to adulterate sample and greatly reduces down time/productivity).

Remember the best way to ensure your company is drug free is to do ongoing testing! That is exactly why the DOT requires Random Testing under their Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations. Compliance Specialists are available in your area if want to find out more about Random Drug Testing.

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