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were you just talking about a personal breath alcohol tester

Were you just talking about a Personal Breath Alcohol Tester?


Q: Were you just talking about a Personal Breath Alcohol Tester?

A: Yes, I was (Karen Tinker, CPC).

Q: Who would need a Personal Breath Alcohol Tester and Why did you say it was a good investment?

A: First, I must say this answer could spin off in multiple different directions so I am just going to give you a few real life scenarios as to WHY it is a good investment and WHO are a few of the folks who should get one right away!

  • I opened up my computer this morning and had an email from a colleague showing me a link to a popular MUGSHOT website in our business area. Well guess what, there is a MUGSHOT of one of my clients! Yes, it caused a little chuckle but on a serious note they were facing serious charges: DUI with Accident and it all could have been prevented. 1) you could call a cab 2) you could not drink 3) you could pop out your personal breathalyzer and see what you blow before getting behind the wheel! So the question to you is: Do you want to risk losing your job because of a poor judgement call when you under the influence? If your answer is NO, YOU would be a great candidate for a breath tester!
  • I had a business associate who had a child turning 21 and her biggest fear is her child will make a poor choice and get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence which could forever scar their future. She is fortunate enough to have sat in on one of my training sessions on the use of personal breath testers thus she is choosing to invest in her childs future beyond the payment of college tuition or a car payment! She is not condoning the use of alcohol but she is providing a safety device for her child. If you have a child or significant other who is a social drinker, YOU are a good candidate for a breath tester. They make great holiday stocking stuffers!
  • Boating under the influence (BUI) is very similar to a DUI but instead of being behind the wheel of a car you are on a BOAT! Here is Georgia the BUI/DUI content levels are close but they are different. Did you know that? Most dont! When out on the water with friends, in the hot sun, etc you might not notice the effects of your consumption of alcohol. Before getting that boat in motion, you should be blowing into a breath tester to see if its safe to proceed. Its not only your boat that could be effected, its those around you and on the water the effects are just as devasting as on the road. Do you own a boat? Do you own a business? Can your business survive the catastrophic impact of having bad publicity for the damages caused by a BUI or DUI whether its property or life? YOU would be a great candidate for a breath tester.

In closing: whether you drink socially with the girls at Bunko, drink a few drinks at the holiday party, have a few beers on the golf course you are potentially at risk for a DUI or BUI if you get going before the your Alcohol level reaches the legal driving/boating limit. A personal breath tester can be easily store in your glove box, your purse, your boat compartment, etc. USAMDT sells these devices and is happy to train you on the proper use. For a minimal investment of less than $300, you could save a life and preserve your image. For more information, please contact 678-804-7515.

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