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are you confirming your non-negative instant drug tests

Are You Confirming Your Non-Negative Instant Drug Tests?


Why is it so important to confirm non-negative results of an instant drug test?

  • In Georgia, if you are a Certified Drug Free Workplace it is a requirement to use a GC/MS or equivilant or more accurate scientifically accepted method.
  • An instant drug test can have reliability issues reporting non-negative results, thus a confirmation is always recommended at a lab using a GC/MS or similar process.
  • A drug test may contain personal medical information and thus there may be specific rules regarding who and how this information can be shared.
  • You never want your NON MEDICALLY trained H/R or other key person making decisions regarding the results of a instant drug test.
  • If you are not prepared to be in court to answer questions about quantitative values then dont put yourself in the situation of making decisions based on a non confirmed instant drug test result!

How can employers protect themselves?

  • Use a professional collection company (like USA Mobile Drug Testing) to complete the employee drug screens.
  • Make sure all instant tests are confirmed at a lab and have a full MRO review.
  • Make sure the final MRO results are sent to the employer via secured method.
  • Keep all employee test results in a locked cabinet with limited access.
  • Make sure your company has a formal written policy in place stating the who, what, when, when and why of drug testing and make sure said company follows this policy.

What is an MRO (Medical Review Officer) and what are their responsibilities?

  • Determine that the information on the drug testing custody and control form (CCF) is forensically and scientifically supportable
  • Interview the donor when required
  • Make a determination regarding the test result
  • Report the verified result to the employer
  • Maintain records and confidentiality of the information

Compliance, Confidentiality, Accuracy and Documentation are a few key words that come to mind when dealing with a Drug Free Workplace. If you need any type of help or just an outside review of your policies/procedures, give us a call at 678-804-7515.

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