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new study of employee substance use shows need for supervisor training

New Study of Employee Substance Use Shows the Need for Supervisor Training


So you drug test your employees, now what? TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING! Training is not only a key aspect of solidifying your drug testing investment it is also required in most cases. If you are a Certified Drug Free Workplace in Georgia, you are required to train your employees and supervisors each year. If you are testing as part of the DOT, then you also have required supervisor and employee education as part of your compliance.

Why is drug and alcohol training important? Supervisors and managers are typically trained on how to measure workforce productivity, manage their budgets or costs, or oversee projects and deadlines but do they really know whether another employee is using a substance on the job? A new study from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) has found that managers need to do more than just be around their employees all day. They need training. Training on drugs and alcohol. The study interviewed 2,429 participants ranging in age from 18-65, all with civilian jobs. It was found that workers reported drinking less on the job when they thought their manager knew how to detect substance abuse and took corrective action. The same was found true for those using drugs while working.

As Compliance Specialists we have a heavy concentration on Education. Education of groups at trade shows, Association events, Chamber Events, Employees, Supervisors, etc. Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Reasonable Suspicion-Signs and Symptoms
  • Drugs & Alochol Awareness
  • Designated Employer Roles/Responsibilities
  • GA Drug Free Workplace ROI
  • Employee & Supervisor Education
  • Reduced Exposure/Workers Comp

Training opportunities available via online courses, group webinars as well as onsite. For more information on training in your workplace or industry group call 678-804-7515.

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