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are you getting the most out of your visual marketing

Are you getting the most out of your Visual Marketing?


Well you may wonder what Visual Marketing has to do with Drug Testing but here are a few examples worth sharing:

  • Are you a Georgia Certified Drug Free Workplace? Why not post your certificate on your website showing you have gone that extra mile to not only have a testing policy, but have one that is Certified by the SBWC!
  • Are you a business with a retail store front? Why not post your USAMDT Certified Drug Free Workplace window cling on your store front so that all of your customers, prospective employees, vendors and neighbors know you have top quality workers at your place of business!
  • Are you a business with a fleet of vehicles or do you have employees representing you on the road in their personal vehicles? Why not post your Drug Free Workplace window clings on your vehicles. I have a cleaning company as a client who does just that..they post them on their vehicles because not every cleaning company takes the time to invest in their employees being drug screened however it could be that competitive edge when a prospective client considers them against their competition!
  • Are you posting signage in your business showing you are Drug Free? Why not? Dont you want your new employees, visitors and long term employees knowing that they are subject to ongoing testing vs. just beating that initial test at hire. What better way to keep them informed than will visual signs in your workplace.
  • Are you educating your workforce about your Drug Free Workplace? Why not put up some educational posters showing the signs, symptoms and put a little humor on it. Check out the USAMDT series of signs!

If you are interested in learning how to start taking advantage of these and the many other benefits of a Drug Free Workplace, contact us at 678-804-7515.

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