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drugs are all around you

Drugs are all around you.


In todays society, drugs seem to be around almost every type of person. Some may find it hard to believe so I am noting a few instances to alert those who may be in doubt!

In the workplace: I had a client who had a contractor onsite who suffered an injury requiring medical care (deep laceration). When confronted with a drug test (company post-accident requirement) he denied care and abandoned his contract. Why, because he knew his test would be positive and he wanted to spare his professional image. Will you see this in the news? NO Will this be posted in the company newsletter? NO But this type of scenario happens all too often!

I was watching Tru TV last night, an episode of Black Gold game on the tv and guess what they had an accident on the rig. Hmmmm what happens next? All of the staff gets drug tested as part of that companys post-accident procedure. And right there on the tv a male employee was saying I am hot (word for drugs in my system) and pleaded with the guy who was on his way to the hospital for a concussion not to go so the rest of them would not be subject to a drug test! Unbelievable is what crossed my mind but then again desperate people do desperate things. Do you want your co-worker doing drugs? Do you want their delayed motor skills or poor judgement to cause or contribute to an accident that could cause you harm? Ask your employer about your post-accident drug testing policy!

In the news-this story captures what some people do on their work breaks-

In the local community- These stories capture activity from Hall County to Sandy Springs and beyond. It shows how synthetic marijuana is popping up in our neighborhoods, who is involved behind the corporations and hopefully will provide you with insight especially if you are a parent. A look at a local docket also shows the presence of other drugs and alcohol arrests in the area-do you think any of these folks are employed? Maybe their outside activities will effect their work.

The following arrest information was obtained from the Gwinnett County Sheriffs Offices Docket Book. The following individuals from Lawrenceville, Ga. have been charged with, but not convicted of a crime.

  • Eduardo Santacruz, was arrested and charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.
  • Anthony Shodamola Hughes, was arrested and charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.
  • Alexander Joel Brantley, was arrested and charged with bike safety equipment required and DUI-more than 0.10% blood alcohol.
  • Randall Reyes, was arrested and charged with improper passing emergecy/towing/highway vehicle, DUI-alcohol and open container law.
  • Johnny Ladonte Love, was arrested and charged with possession of alcohol by a minor.
  • Julian Kenneth Smith, was arrested and charged with DUI drugs/alcohol and improper lane change.
  • William Deon Boyle, was arrested and charged with possession of C/S or marijuana.
  • Randall Duane Eagleson, was arrested and charged with DUI-alcohol and improper/erratic lane change.

Drug Varieties: People who deal drugs are always looking for ways to make a buck. They might sell their ADD or ADHD medicines or they may sell their family members pain killers in addition to their regular marijuana, Meth and other toxic substances. Keeping this in mind, here is a funny story of how somebody got caught but look at the variety of drugs that they had on hand!

Dont hesitate to get some knowledge by checking out our list of drugs of abuse on our website. Obviously this is just a small taste of where drugs are around you but there are many more. Take a peak on google if you are curious.

If you need help setting up a Drug Free Workplace or you are interested in getting some up to date training for your employees, give us a call at 678-804-7515.

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