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Drug Test Your Teenager-Prom Season is here!


Does your daughter have their favorite dress and shoes ready? Does your son have a hot date picked out? Have you set your expectations for curfew and behavior with your kids?

Have you thought about the use of Drugs and Alcohol and how they are a big problem for high school students now a days? What are your options as a parent?

  • Have your child sign a contract about saying NO to drugs and alcohol as well as the consequences if they make a bad choice.
  • Be prepared to test your child if they show signs of being under the influence of a substance when they come home.
  • Be prepared to get your child help if the test is positive.
  • Remember you are helping your child by staying involved and up to date on current issues such as drug/alcohol abuse.

USA Mobile Drug testing is not only a reliable source for businesses, churches, schools, and sporting teams but it also caters to parents, grandparents and other community groups that want to check up on their child/loved ones. We provide discreet testing onsite that is affordable and we are available 24/7 in Metro Atlanta as well as nationally.

Be sure to keep our number handy during this prom season to drug test your teenager: 678-804-7515

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