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Congress Gives States the Go-Ahead to Drug Test for Unemployment Benefits


This is a question I hear often: Can I test my employee for drugs today?

The reasons why people ask vary but the most popular is because the owner/supervisor suspects use based on their behavior or performance at work!

Now, the simple answer is YES-you can test your employees, but do you have an authorization in place from them stating under what circumstances you can test them? An example would be post-accident, pre-employment, random or when you suspect them of use. Are you treating all employees the same or are you highlighting this one individual? If you are suspicious, have you documented the reasons in case the employee disputes your claims? If you complete the test today, do you have a policy on what happens if the test is postive? If you answered NO to any of these questions, you should read about the basics of a Susbstance Abuse Policy!

Characteristics of an Effective Written Substance Abuse Policy

Every organization must have a policy that spells out what the program is, how it will be implemented and managed, and the consequences of a positive drug or alcohol test. The employer should publish the policy, set a future implementation date and ensure employees have an adequate opportunity to review and understand the policys implications. Once this has taken place, an employee selected for testing, regardless of the reason for the test, should have no legitimate reason to question his selection.

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