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DOT-FMCSA Record Keeping-Are You In COMPLIANCE?


Employers covered under DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations must maintain records that document their testing program consistent with 49 CFR Part 382 and other industry specific regulations.

What do I keep?

  • Test results.
  • Testing process administration.
  • Return-to-duty process administration.
  • Employee training.
  • Supervisor training.

How do I keep them?

All DOT drug and alcohol test records must be kept in a secure location with controlled access. Records should be kept in locked file cabinets. If records are kept electronically, they should be password protected.

How long do I keep them?

  • 1 year: Negative drug test results. Alcohol tests results less than 0.02.
  • 2 years: Records related to the alcohol and drug collection process.
  • 3 years: Previous employer records.
  • 5 years: Annual MIS reports. Employee SAP evaluations/referrals. Follow up tests/schedules. Refusals. Alcohol results 0.02 or higher. Verified positive drug tests. EBT calibration documentation.
  • Infinite: Education and training records.

When records are stored and transferred electronically, how should they be made available to DOT representatives?

The obligations of employers and service agents to make records available expeditiously to DOT representatives apply regardless of how the records are maintained. All records must be easily and quickly accessible, legible, and formatted and stored in a well-organized and orderly way. If electronic records do not meet these criteria, then the employer or service agent must convert them to printed documentation in a rapid and readily auditable way.

Compliance violations can be costly. Call USAMDT today, 678-804-7515 for a MOCK Audit to see where your organization is with record keeping, random pool management, testing and other areas relating to 49 CFR Part 40.

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