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Are You Drug Testing Your Employees?


Many companies have a blanket authorization in their employee handbook that states they are drug free and they can conduct testing. Now is this a paragraph, a 1 page document or a full Drug Free Workplace Policy?

In my experiences those who have the blanket authorization or the 1 page document dont provide enough detail meaning they dont spell out what they test for (type of drugs), under what conditions (reasonable cause) or what defines an instance such as an accident. Now this can create problems for a company if they do not apply their policy fairly and consistantly!

If you have not had a health check on your company policy, contact an outside partner like USAMDT to get your free review. It will be worth the time investment. Below are a few highlights as to why an organization should have a Drug Free Workplace Policy:

Big Benefit-Georgia is one of about 14 states that offer a significant discount on Workers Compensation Premiums. This 7.5% discount can not only cover the cost of testing but it can also greatly reduce your workers comp rates if you have a high comp classification!

Requirements- Federal Contract Awards over $100k require a Drug Free Workplace! You might not be the one who receives the bid award but if you do sub contractor work for a large firm, you will be required to meet this requirement so its best to be pro-active. Also non-profits and other organizations who receive grant money can be required to be Drug Free.

Liability-Having a formal written policy that spells out who can be tested, when they can be tested, where they will be tested and what they will be tested for is super important. It protects the company and sets a clear expectations for employees, contractors and prospective employees.

Competitive-In todays competitive marketplace its always best to be the Mercedes or leader of your industry. To achieve this you need to be the not only the best at what you do but you need to have the best employees. Your investment in a Drug Free Workplace will ensure you top notch, clear thinkers and this will speak volumes to vendors, clients and prospects. Keeping in mind that being a drug free workplace when all other competitive factors are the same, may push you to the top selection for a large bid/contract!

Financial-SUTA rates for businesses (especially new ones) can rise due to unemployment claims. If you terminate an employe for cause you can contest their claim. Having a formal written drug policy, with clear definitions will allow you to use this defense. Examples would be a refusal to test, a positive test, an adulterated test, etc.

Remember a Drug Free Workplace is put in place to asssist employees with substance abuse problems to seek help, rehabilitate and return to work as well as create a safe work envirnoment for all in your organization. This can be achieved by complying with all state and federal regulations that may apply to your organization.

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