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5 reasons you need a drug free workplace

5 Reasons You Need A Drug Free Workplace


There are many reasons to start a Drug Free Workplace in your company, but to keep things short and sweet, we will give you 5 of our favorite reasons!

  • For starters, in Georgia you can get a 7.5% discount on your Workers Compensation Premium! This financial incentive is a great way to justify becoming a safer workplace.
  • Pre-Employment testing: Users gravitate towards businesses that dont perform pre-employment drug testing, putting the employer, the employees, the public and the company at risk. Do you want to be the company that attracts these candidates?
  • Employee health, productivity and decision making: Users tend to use more health benefits, sick time and tend to be tardy thus increasing company costs. They tend to have increased errors, reduced output and overall lower quality of work. Reduced creativity, less competitive, ineffective decision makers are all signs so you have to ask yourself are you getting 100% out of your employees without a Drug Testing Policy?
  • Safety: 80% of those injured in seriuos Drug related accidents at work were innocent co-workers. Why put your good employees at risk? With a strong policy and ongoing testing (post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random) you can keep safety at the top of your priority list!
  • Marketing & Advertising: Adding a tag line to your emails, highlighting your Drug Free status on your website, local networking and trade show events are just a few ways to let your customers, vendors, competitors and future customers/employees know you are a top notch employer. You have made a monetary committment to safety and set your company up to be at the top quality industry leader paving the way for others to follow.

If you want more information on starting a Drug Free Workplace Policy or need help managing your existing one, give us a call at 678-804-7515.

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